Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Miami Vineyard Live Review & Giveaway

I received this CD in the mail Miami Vineyard LIVE and immediately loveed the CD after I listened to it the first time. This is a great CD to give to someone as a gift since it has such a variety of differenty types of Christian music that anyone can find at least one or more songs that they love. I love the whole CD.

About Miami Vineyard LIVE:What happens when a group of 20+ musicians and 10+ songwriters steeped deep in their own musical traditions of Black Gospel, Latin, Caribbean, and Anglo come together to create a new tradition and sound? What happens when the fusion of Black, Anglo, Latino, Caribbean, and Cuban voices unite together to worship in one voice? Among the 2000 people that attend the Miami Vineyard Community Church, there are over a hundred singers, instrumentalists and songwriters that make up its eclectic worship ministry. For one night, these musicians joined together in worship and invited the church to document the sound that is uniquely MIAMI VINEYARD LIVE.
This distinctive bi-lingual liturgy is filled with many flavors, from Latino claves to gospel two-step to funk and soul to delay-laden rock guitars of modern worship, yet they all work together seamlessly to create a new sound and voice that is authentic and refreshing. From anthems of praise and proclamation to songs of intimacy and adoration, there is a common thread running deep throughout this recording and that is true worship of the Living God as an expression of His Kingdom breaking in on the streets and beaches of Miami, FL.

Purchase: http://www.vineyardresources.com/equip/content/miami-vineyard-live-cd
Video: http://vimeo.com/28995392

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cooper and Me Winter Adventure Review & Giveaway

Cooper and Me Winter Adventure is a great children's book for the holiday season. My daughter is in love with the Cooper and Me books. This is the second Cooper and Me book that she has and she wants to read it every night. I love that the book has come just before the holidays and is not only a holiday book but has a lesson for children on what to do if they get lost. I feel that the lesson is important for all children to learn and they end up learning it in a fun way with out even knowing it. Cooper and Me did not disappoint again!

Cooper and Me Winter Adventure would be a perfect Christmas gift for any child plus part of your proceeds will go to a great cause:  $1 of every Winter Adventure book sold will go to advance research & treatment of pancreatic cancer, via the Lustgarten Foundation (http://www.lustgarten.org/)

Make any purchase of $25 or more at CooperandMe.com and get FREE SHIPPING now through December 15.   MUST USE THIS CODE @ Check Out:  COOPERBLOG

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Smiley Cookie Christmas Review & Giveaway

SmileyCookie has done it again with their new Christmas Tree cookies. The cookies were packaged in a cute box that had pictures of the SmileyCookies all over it. My daughter has now confiscated the box to keep for her toys. The cookies not only look great they taste great as well. They taste similar to a homemade sugar cookie. She enjoyed sharing them with her friends.

Christmas Cookie Gift Pack

Dale and Thomas Popcorn Christmas Review & Giveaway

Dale and Thomas Popcorn has put together an elegant Christmas Sparkling Snowflake Six-Bag Sampler gift box a perfect gift for anyone. I received the box and it was wrapped in an elegant sparkling snowflake w, rapping that covers their signature box. The box contained the This and That flavors:  Dale's Carmel, Chocolate Chunk N'Caramel, Southwest Cheddar Chipotle, Hall of Fame Kettle Corn, Peanut Butter & White Chocolate DrizzleCorn, and Twice-As-Nice Chocolate DrizzleCorn. My family loves their popcorn so much it does not last long in our house.

Sparkling Snowflake Six-Bag Sampler

Monday, December 5, 2011

Peeled Snack Review & Giveaway

I was given the opportunity to review Peeled Snacks. My family is a fruit family and we love fresh and dried fruit. Peeled Snacks are all natural and organic with no added sugar. My duaghter loved the Cherry-go-round since she is obsessed with cherries. These are not only good for you they taste great as well.

About our snacks

Our goal at Peeled Snacks is simple: to make you feel good about snacking. We strive to bring you the highest quality organic and natural ingredients from sustainable farms. Our snacks provide a great source of vitamins, minerals and a full serving of fruit with no added sugar. (from peeledsnacks.com)

***Peeled Snacks are now available in Starbucks throughout the US and Canada!***

Organic Fruit Picks Variety Pack

  • Enjoy these 6 varieties of single serving organic fruit Picks
  • Natural source of vitamins, minerals, iron & fiber
  • Contains 12 single serving snacks: 2 each of pine-4-Pineapple, much-ado-about-Mango, Banan-a-peel, Apricot-a-lot, Cherry-go-round & Apple-2-the-core

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cool-jams Review & Giveaway - Closed

I found a great company that sell the best pajamas that I have ever wore. Cool-jams are moisture wicking pajamas that are great for people that have hot flashes and/or night sweats. I am always hot and have never felt comfortable in any pajamas that I have slept in. The fabric is soft and comfortable to sleep in and they even look fashionable. I will be getting more of the pajamas in the future. The picture below is the set that I ordered and I love it because the shirt under the button up shirt is a tank top so if I get to hot I can remove the shirt.
Wicking 3-Piece Jillian Pajama Set

Our Cool-jams factory has been manufacturing new and innovative fabrics for over twenty years. We are especially proud of the moisture wicking smart fabric we use in our Cool-jams Sleepwear Products. In fact, Cool-jams is the only manufacturer of wicking sleepwear to have complete control over all aspects of production from design, fabric production, dyeing and finishing, stitching and distribution. With so much control over the manufacturing process, we guarantee that every garment you purchase from Cool-jams will be the highest quality possible. In recent independent testing, Cool-jams Sleepwear was found to be the best performing wicking sleepwear brand out of all brands tested. Cool-jams sleepwear not only wicked heat and moisture faster, but dried faster than other brands. (from Cool-jams.com)

Softlips Review & Giveaway - Closed

The holidays are fast approaching and Softlips has some great new winter flavors that I was given the chance to review for you. The new winter flavors are: Winter Mint, Sugar Cookie, Sugar & Spice, and Sugar Plum Berry. My favorite is the Sugar Cookie because it actually tastes like a sugar cookie. Softlips is my favorite lip protectant!

Softlips availability: Now throughout the holiday/winter season, there will be select dual-packs (Winter Mint/Vanilla, Sugar Cookie/Raspberry, and Sugar Cookie/Cherry) available at stores such as Walmart, Target, and Rite Aid for $3.99. There is also a Winter 5-Pack that’s available exclusively in the Softlips online store, Softlips.com that offers all four winter flavors and a bonus flavor of Mint with a Hint of Vanilla. This set is packaged in a festive, blue sachet for $9.99.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bella Sun Luci Review & Giveaway - Closed


I was so excited when I received the box in the mail from Bella Sun Luci made by Mooney Farms that I couldn't get the box open fast enough. I was really surprised at how generous this company was when they sent me my package. I love everything that has to do with tomato's. I was so excited that I immediately went onto their website to find a recipe to make with my new goodies. I made the Sun Dried Tomato Hummus and it was as good as it looks on the website.
Above is a picture of what I received: an 8.5 oz. jar of Sun Dried Tomato Halves in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Italian Herbs, an 8.5 oz. jar of Sun Dried Julienne Cut Tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Italian Herbs, an 8.5 oz. jar of Sun Dried Tomato Brushetta in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Italian Herbs, an 8.5 oz. jar of Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Sauce with Whole Pine Nuts, a 3.5 oz. bag of California Sun Dried Tomatoes Julienne Cut with Zesty Peppers, and a 3.5 oz. bag of California Sun Dried Tomatoes Julienne Cut with Italian Basil.
***2 WINNERS***

One Silent Night CD Review & Giveaway - Closed

I love receiving music to review on my blog and was given the opportunity to reveiw the CD One Silent Night an FHH Christmas. I did not receive that actual CD but was given a link to download the CD and was glad that I did. It was mellow but extremely uplifting and really put me in the Christmas spirit. I even thought of putting up my Christmas tree a week early when I was listening to this CD.

Reading Glasses Shopper Review & Giveaway - Closed

I recently was given the opportunity to review a pair of reading glasses from Reading Glasses Shopper. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and style of the glasses I received. They have tons of different styles and colors to fit anyone's personality. They even sell bifocal glasses as well as computer glasses. I chose to get the computer glasses shown below since I am on the computer so much. Reading Glasses Shopper has a great Eye Health Guide for all of your eye care needs.

***The good news is that Reading Glasses Shopper is going to give 1 lucky winner a $25 Gift Certificate just for entering this giveaway! Good Luck!