Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting To Know Me

Hello my name is Irene I am married and a mother of a 5 year old daughter. I am just starting my new blog and want to tell you a little bit about myself. My husband and I grew up in Indiana in a small town 40 minutes east of Chicago. We met in junior high school and dated on and off for approximately 14 years until we got married in 2002 and moved to California. We sold all of our furniture and packed up our 30 foot travel trailer and small uhaul and moved to California. Yes, we moved and had no jobs. It was an adventure!

After being married for 4 years we decided to have our first child Savannah, little did we know she would be our one and only miracle. She is our one and only daughter that we are able to have together, although I have been thinking of adopting a child in the future.
                                                              Bryan, Irene & Savannah
I am passionate about everything that I do. If I start something I have to make sure that I  go over and over it until it is done right. I guess you could say that I obsess a little. Like this blog I have been trying to start it for about 3 days now. I think I changed the whole entire layout at least 5 times. I guess you could say that I am sort of a perfectionist.

My hobbies are reading, scrapbooking, camping, and cooking. I may even share some old family Puerto Rican recipes on my blog so stay tuned. More to come later...


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