Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nutella Party

This past Friday on March 11th I had a nutella Party at my house. I know this is hard to believe, but I never tried Nutella until the day I had my party. There was one other mom at my party that had not tried it before either so I'm not the only one. So basically Nutella sent me a great package with lots of goodies for me to share with ten moms of my choice. Here is a look at what they sent me:

In the package that nutella sent I received 1 26.5oz. jar of nutella, gift bags, travel mugs, spreaders, samples packets, recipe ideas, coupons, and a breakfast tips sheet. I went ahead and made the items that they sent on the recipe cards prior to my guest arriving so that they could sample what they wanted for breakfast. Here are the items that I made:
I made Breakfast Roll Up, which was a whole wheat tortilla with Nutella hazelnut spread, sprinkled with dried cherries and chopped apricots rolled up. I also made a Breakfast Sandwich by toasting a whole grain english muffin and spread one half with Nutella hazelnut spread, then top with fresh slicked strawberries and bananas. That one did not call for bananas but it was a great finishing touch. Last but not lease I made a Waffle Sandwich by toasting 2 waffles, spread Nutella hazelnut spread, sprinkled with fresh fruit and coconut. I went ahead and used strawberries and blueberries on this one.
The party was a big hit and I believe everyone got to try a little of each recipe made that day along with getting to pick which one they liked to best to have a full size version. I think we even got a couple of new Nutella lovers. I was even able to rope in some of the girls to take a picture with their Nutella bags. All in all the party and morning was a great success! Thank You Nutella!


  1. I had fun! Thanks for having us over. Lor tried the sample pack..I made her an english muffin with strawberry slices. She loved it! I plan on getting a container of it soon :)

  2. Yum, I will have to try it with strawberry too.
    Btw, thank you again for the food you bought over the other day. So tasty!

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  4. okay...I tried my Nutella today. Gotta say...I think I'm a fan. It's not going to replace peanut butter in my life but it MAY just fill my chocolate cravins! I had the muffin with nutella and strawberries. YUM! Breakfast all this week! Thanks for the referral

  5. Hi i stumbled on your blog while looking for ideas for my daughters birthday who asked for a nutella party, we contacted them in uk and italy but no success, said they don't send any merchandise. How did you do it? Who did you contact? Need your help, please, please, please