Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cool-jams Review & Giveaway - Closed

I found a great company that sell the best pajamas that I have ever wore. Cool-jams are moisture wicking pajamas that are great for people that have hot flashes and/or night sweats. I am always hot and have never felt comfortable in any pajamas that I have slept in. The fabric is soft and comfortable to sleep in and they even look fashionable. I will be getting more of the pajamas in the future. The picture below is the set that I ordered and I love it because the shirt under the button up shirt is a tank top so if I get to hot I can remove the shirt.
Wicking 3-Piece Jillian Pajama Set

Our Cool-jams factory has been manufacturing new and innovative fabrics for over twenty years. We are especially proud of the moisture wicking smart fabric we use in our Cool-jams Sleepwear Products. In fact, Cool-jams is the only manufacturer of wicking sleepwear to have complete control over all aspects of production from design, fabric production, dyeing and finishing, stitching and distribution. With so much control over the manufacturing process, we guarantee that every garment you purchase from Cool-jams will be the highest quality possible. In recent independent testing, Cool-jams Sleepwear was found to be the best performing wicking sleepwear brand out of all brands tested. Cool-jams sleepwear not only wicked heat and moisture faster, but dried faster than other brands. (from

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  1. I would love the

    WICKING JENNIFER SHORTY PAJAMA SET. Thank for such a great giveaway.

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